Monday, 16 December 2013

Global effects disable

One of the things that's been biting me with my current project is the lack of a global 'turn effects off' toggle. With Neat Video or FilmConvert slammed on a clip (occasionally both) trimming operations are painful, which results in a lot of clicking to disable effects, edit, then re-enable effects.

Ignore the stuff about 'complex clips' – that's the pre-10.0.6 way of doing compound clips which, if you remember, led to so many problems that (a.) people like me avoid compound clips to this day out of some weird folk memory of how bad things were, and (b.) the new way, which suffers basically none of the problems, was introduced.

But that layering technique in compound clips? That's genius.

Hmm. It does mean a bucketload of clicking if you want to adjust effects, though.

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