Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Final Cut Pro is Dead….Long live…..something else

So it's finally happened.

I now make more money as an Avid editor than a FCP editor.


I fought against Avid for so many years, banging on about how great FCP was and now I am a god damn turn coat.

It does feel strange. It does feel like I backed the wrong horse. This must have been what it was like for people with BetaMax players and Atari STs.

I knew this day would come at some point. I'm still using FCPX at home, but none of the post houses I work for are going anywhere near it. A few have adopted Premiere, but not many. Some are still running FCP, but most seem to be moving to Avid.

Now where did I put that Edit Droid?


  1. Bah. Blogger ate my comment.

    This explain why you've been quiet here. I'm not surprised the flouncy end of the industry is doubling-down on Avid. FCP7 was nice and all, but it always seemed a bit flimsy for the big stuff, and while Premiere has its advantages, gravitas isn't amongst them. FCPX works a treat in many circumstances, but not for big shared projects.

    So, Avid. It's only a bad plan if Avid go bust in the next couple of years.

    What disappoints me in all of this is that, for a time there, the little guys had access to the same tools that the big fish used - enough people standardised on FCP7 that we could fool ourselves into thinking we were all playing the same game. That's gone, now. We're back to Avid for the 3% of the market that everyone talks about/aspires towards, with Premiere and FCPX duking it out for FCP7 refugees everywhere else.

    We're back to Avid editors being the priesthood again.

    Hello, your reverence.

  2. I do feel a bit superior now that I can write Avid Editor on my business cards.