Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Playing around

No, I'm not being tempted into the willing arms of Premiere Pro CS CC CIA MIA MBA. Whatever the current version, I only have eyes for one floozie of an editing package.

But I do find myself tickling the zoom. Being able to edit audio at sub-frame precision is cool and all, but it involves an awful lot of zooming in and out on the timeline. In, to find the itty-bitty little grab handles for audio fades and adjust them carefully enough. Then out, to actually play the edit through without the playhead zipping off the side of the visible timeline and scrolling the viewpoint when I stop it.

Then in again to tweak the edit. Out again to play again. In again. Out again. In. Out.

Sorry, got distracted.

Today, the solution: ⇧/. Whack that sucker, and FCPX will get it on and play around the current playhead position. Once it's done, it returns to the current point.

I am so done with the spacebar. Just as soon as I've mapped ⇧/ to something I can reach with my left hand, my right being otherwise engaged while I'm editing.

With the mouse, obviously.

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