Tuesday, 29 January 2013

"Render-free", my arse

Yes, I am selectively fucking rendering my timeline. But it does have nine layers of mixed H.264 and AVCHD source in it. Animated. With effects. And grades. Deal with it.


  1. I've got a 3GHz dual 4 core Xeon bad bwoy with 5770 and I still get gittery playback from time to time.

    It reminds me of something.....oh yeah FCP7

  2. You say '5770' like it's supposed to be recent. Can't blame the 'X if Apple plain don't make a Mac that can run it right.

  3. Can't blame the toilet for all the shit they put in it?
    What the fuck am I talking about?

    The 5770 is the current graphics card in a Mac Pro.

    Should I get something better? I only just bought the bloody thing.

  4. PC cards start with a '7' these days - the 5770 is *old*. The 5870 is the 'best' card Apple will sell you, but it's still old.