Thursday, 31 January 2013

FCPX isn't slow. Your momma's slow.

If you fiddled around with the FCPX trial back when it first arrived, you'll have thought things like: “This feels just like handling real film… with boxing gloves on” and “I’d be quicker doing this in Movie Maker.”

Bits of Final Cut X were very quick. Some of it was treacle-slow. Moving between supposedly ‘open’ timelines cuts projects[1] was beyond treacle-in-winter-shot-on-a-Phantom slow.

Alongside all the headline improvements since version 10.0.nothing, a huge amount of spit-and-polish work has been done. It’s only 10am, but for the tenth time today already I’m thankful that switching sequences storylines events projects[1] is now instantaneous.

[1] FFS.

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