Wednesday, 20 June 2012

FCP v1.0

With all the debate about FCPX I'm getting some very odd feelings of deja vu.

When Final Cut Pro first came out it was rubbish. It lacked features, crashed a lot and wasn't really usable until v2. The professional editing fraternity branded it as a joke and no one took it seriously.

But I loved it. I was a young aspiring film maker and I saw the critics as fuddy duddy old school editors refusing to embrace the future.

So when FCPX was released and I heard myself complaining about it's lack of features and instability I was shocked to realise that I had now become that fuddy duddy old school editor.

For those of you keen enough to want to relive the past there are some great articles from the FCPv1 era over at There are also some nice videos over at with people talking about their love for FCP back in the early days.

One of the big names back then was Michael Wohl. He was one of the designers for FCPv1.0 and he was one of those people you just couldn't ignore at the time. Here is a great interview with him talking about the development of FCPv1.0 including some interesting information about it running on Windows!

Entretien avec Michael Wohl Part1 (VOSTF) from YAKYAKYAK.FR on Vimeo.

Entretien avec Michael Wohl Part2 (VOSTF) from YAKYAKYAK.FR on Vimeo.

Here are the system requirements for FCP1.0:

■ Power Macintosh G3 266 Mhz (300 Mhz required for DV)
■ Mac OS 8.5 or later
■ 128 MB of RAM ■ CD-ROM drive
■ 6.0 GB AV rated drive
■ Color display
■ ATI built-in video support on G3 models (required for DV)
■ QuickTime-compatible card for capturing video
■ FireWire or device control cable

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