Sunday, 17 June 2012

Don't be afraid of change

Soon after the release of FCPX Evan Schechtman gave a talk at a Tekserve event in New York. The main thrust of his talk was simple: Do not fear change.

Evan gives a very passionate and direct speech about how the industry has changed over the past 10 years and how we, as professionals, have had to embrace new ideas and new ways of working. FCPX is just another one of these changes and it won't be the last.

It's a very convincing display of faith in FCPX. Watching this hour long video will certainly reassure you as well as give you all the skills you need to get up and running with FCPX.

If you've been using for FCP for a long time and you're a bit scared of FCPX then you should watch this video.

One of the things I really like about this lecture is the timeline of all the key moments in video edit history over the past ten years. I've recreated it here with a few of my own additions:

- 1998 -
Sony vx1000 [first prosumer camera with firewire].
G3 Powermac Desktop
Hard drive size - 37gig
Targa dv2000 rtx video card

- 1999 -
FCP v1.0 released [v1.2.5 allows 16.9]
G4 Powermac desktop
This was when I did my first editing [using premiere on a pc]

- 2000 -
Pinnicle cinewave card.
This is when I first used FCP v1.0 on a G4 desktop and fell in love.

- 2001 -
FCP v2
DVD Studio Pro
FCP v3 - Finally FCP works on OSX!

- 2003 -
Lumiere HD allows HDV editing in FCP
FCP v4 - 32 bit processing - xml interchange
Livetype, Soundtrack, Compressor
Extreme RT

- 2004 -
FCP HD - Native DVCPro HD editing
Broadcast quality HD export over firewire.

- 2005 -
Hard Drive size - 120 gig
FCP5 - Native HDV. Multicam.
Final Cut Studio released

- 2006 -
Panasonic hvx 2000 solid state camera. p2

- 2007 -

- 2008 -
Canon 5D mk2
Red 4k

- 2009 -

- 2010 -
Hard Drive size - 3 TB

- 2011 -

Please do watch the video. It's very interesting and there are some great tutorials on the basics of how FCPX works.

At the end of Evan's speech he nonchalantly asks, 'does anyone feel any better about fcpx?'. There is a resounding and intensely heart-felt 'yes' from the crowd.

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