Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Quit with the jumpy-jumpy!

I have 850+ clips in an Event – you can read the story of collecting them here – and for the most part logging them and entering all the useful metadata bits has been straightforward. Even pleasant, at times.

However, some of the rushes were captured with dual-system audio, so I'm locating matching pairs of video and audio clips and asking FCPX to sync them together. It's doing its usual sterling job of that, nailing sync pretty much every time, but the new clip inherits none of the metadata from its parents. Which is mildly annoying.

More annoying is that as I tab through the new clip's fields the Event browser's focus has a habit of inexplicably changing and dumping me several hundred clips further down the list view. At random. Scratch that, it's not 'annoying', it's infuriating, and it happens every single time I tab out of the Scene field.


So, so, so glad I went the JuicedLink route and hence have sync audio for most of these clips. I can't imagine the horror of having to log everything twice with the Event list bouncing around like a crazy thing.

Yes, I've filed a bug report. Another one.

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