Monday, 9 September 2013

Override Clip Connections!

One of the things that seems to confuse a lot of new users of FCPX is the connections between clips.
And to be honest they can be a bit fucking irritating sometimes. However, thanks to a comment on this blog by gyula hegedűs I have discovered that you can actually move clips about independantly of connections.

Simply hold down ` and you can move clips on the storyline without moving any connected clips. Genius. Thanks gyula hegedűs.


  1. Nice. I'm running a custom keyboard layout, so this didn't work for me until I added 'override connections' to the grave key in my keyboard prefs. Also: this is actually documented in the FCPX help. Though oddly, the 'hold down alt' bit isn't.

    The related thing people seem not to know is holding down command+alt and clicking connected clips to change their attachment point. I use that all the time.