Sunday, 14 April 2013

NAB 2013 Distilled

NAB 2013 Distilled:

all press covering the show on video, were cutting their reports on laptops using FCP X.

(Via digitalfilms)

Of course, Oliver goes on to say:

Although Premiere Pro “next” feels like FCP 7.5, that appears to be what users really want. The direction, at least, feels right. Apple may have been “skating to where the puck will be”, but it could be that no one is following or the puck simply wasn’t going there in the first place.

I'm not convinced by that. I'm more than happy that people wanting FCP 7.5 have Adobe to turn to, and I suspect the market represented by NAB will continue to be well served by them. The question, I guess, is what proportion of total video production is represented by broadcast and feature films, and in particular how that's changing. There's already been a revolution in terms of quantity of production. If that starts to be reflected in money terms too, Apple's bet may turn out to be a winning one after all.

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  1. It is interesting isn't it? [Sorry Jonathan, I have been on holiday].
    I cut with FCPX at home, but whenever I go to an edit suite I'm back on FCP 7 or Avid.

    But everyone has an apple laptop and everyone is interested in editing their own stuff and at the price, FCPX is such a tempting proposition.

    It seems like it might be the edit software of choice for non editors.