Friday, 22 March 2013

Mocha coming to FCPX?


Forum post here. Shame there'll be no 3D camera solve transfer... unless there's something big going down with Motion that we're not expecting yet.


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    1. Tracking software. Really good tracking software. A cut-down version is bundled with After Effects, though the next package up can export tracks to Motion. I've used that a few times when the default point tracker isn't up to snuff - Mocha does an often-remarkable job of tracking objects as they move off-shot and back again, and can use the relationships between planes to solve camera moves in 3D.

      Anyway, what was announced at NAB wasn't Mocha integrated with Motion and FCPX, but a new version of CoreMelt's SliceX plugin using Mocha's tracker for masking. Which is pretty damn cool, actually. Demo here: