Friday, 2 November 2012

FCPX? I heard it's shit.

As an editor you get asked what you cut on.

Walter Murch would say all edit software is the same: in, out, add to timeline. What he says is true and a skilled editor shouldn't be constrained to particular software. For years I turned down jobs that weren't on FCP and how foolish I feel now.

It was quite liberating when FCPX came out. For years people only cared about FCP and suddenly everyone realised that there were other options: Avid, Vegas, Premiere...

I swallowed my pride and I learnt Avid. But I still use FCPX at home, so when people ask me what I cut on I say, FCPX.

The resounding response is, 'Oh, I heard it's shit'.

Well, yeah, I heard that too. And to be honest, when it came out it was shit. But it isn't any more. It's actually rather good. And when I use Avid I really miss X. Although I miss FCP as well because Avid is fucking irritating, but that's another post.

The other thing people say is, 'it's just for students isn't it?'.

When I first heard that I found it quite interesting because that is what people were saying about FCP when it first came out.

Student editors are the editors of the future. So if they are using FCPX now, then it's a good bet we'll all be using it in the future. Apple make an analogy about aiming for where the puck is going, not where the puck is now. I'm with them. I use FCPX.

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