Saturday, 15 February 2014

Core 2 Duo vs i7

Ive been completing a FCP7 project on an old Macbook Pro because it's the only machine I have that will run Final Cut Studio.

The film is a 27 minute documentary shot on a mix of DSLR, HDV and DV and the computer handles it well as you would imagine.

Exporting a full Rez copy takes a few minutes, but recompressing that in QuickTime to a web friendly H264 version takes an age. Any guesses how long? Yes, you at the back, Jonathan Sanderson? 4 hours you say?  You're absolutely correct.

Now that's fine. I just let the export run overnight or while I'm doing something else. But today I decided to see how long the same export would take on my new Retina Macbook.

Any thoughts on how long the same export takes?

We're not talking a 3 minute web movie here. It's a 27 minute long film. I was thinking anything around the hour mark would be pretty good. 30 or 40 minutes would be ideal.

If it helps it's the top spec 15inch fully erect model.

Any guesses?


4 minutes.

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