Monday, 22 July 2013

Ripple n' roll, slip n' sliiiiiide

Select the Trim tool ('T'), click a clip, and you get this:

You can now use the trim left/right keys (,/.) to roll the selected clip without changing its duration or the clips either side. Or use [/] to select the in or out edits and ripple those.

This morning, in a key-fumbling daze, I selected the clip using option+click. The result is this:

…which leads to the obvious response, vis:

Try it. Now try the , / . keys.

Yeah, I know, right? Slide on by, man. Nice and smooth.

Oh, and Damien, the slacker whose blog this ostensibly is? He looks exactly like Beaker. With exactly that expression.


  1. That does look a bit like me. Well it used to in my yoof.
    Nice ripple tips Johnny.
    Slide? Ripple? Tipple? Shimmie?

  2. Shimmie Edit. Only one step down from the Shizzle Cut.