Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Turn Off Background Render

Background rendering sounds great and works very well, but actually most of the time you don't need it.

The real time playback of un-rendered clips is handled so well that rendering everything all the time is just a waste of processing power and disk space - remember all render files are ProRes.

Turn it off: Final Cut Pro / Preferences / Playback

Then you can render everything by pressing SHIFT + CONTROL + R or selectively render by selecting clips and pressing CONTROL + R.

Am I just trying to make it more like FCP7? Er....maybe.


  1. except this is a complete non-starter - at least for me - the clips stutter so much I can't judge if the edit is working - I have horrendously long render times and no way out by turning off background rendering.

    I'm screwed - any good advice? Canon 5d, optimised media, macbook pro, 4 gb (but absolutely no trouble editing with same material in FCP7 on same laptop) what thehell is wrong???

    1. That shouldn't happen. What spec is your mac pro? How old is it? What version of FCPX are you using? What sort of graphics card do you have?

      It could be the speed of your hard drive. Download the free Blackmagic Disk Speed Test from the App store and check out your drives.

      It could also be that your drive is too full of stuff. Delete some files or buy a dedicated edit drive for your media.

      You could also try not making optimised media. When you create optimised media all your 5D files are converted to ProRes. These files are large and have a high data rate. So you could try using the original 5D files. Just unchecked 'create optimised media' when you import the files.

      I routinely use unoptimised 5D footage on my MacPro, which is an old machine running 2x2.66 dual core xeon processors.

      Let me know how you get on.

    2. I've just thought of something else.
      With the Macbook Pros you have a graphics card setting in preferences.
      You can either have it set to better battery life or better performance.
      Make sure yours is set to better performance.
      This should increase your graphics power for FCPX

  2. I have an Mac destop xeon 2006. Background rendering was fine with 10.2 but 10.6 crashes everytime i turn on background rendering. I still got that brown bar on top of the time line. Anyway to renderer w/o background rendering?

    1. Turn background rendering off in Preferences/playback.

      Then render everything by pressing SHIFT + CONTROL + R or selectively render by selecting clips and pressing CONTROL + R.

      It might be that you need more memory or even a better graphics card. FCPX relies a lot more on the graphics card. I have a 2007 MacPro and had to buy an ATI 5770 to get FCPX working at all.

      The other thing I did with my 2007 Mac Pro is install new processors. Stay tuned for my guide on how to do so. It's a lot easier that in sounds.